Farewell, dark passenger of love

A tussle between trust and fear
Between giving and holding back
Sharing and restraint
The constant pull and push
Of instinct and impulse

Dissecting. Overthinking
A fleeting remark
Feigning imaginary commitments
Playing the game of love

Inebriation becomes a crutch
To express, the deeper sentiments
That words find hard to say
It all emanates from the baggage of the past

The abuse of love and sharing
That left a dark passenger within me
Dear dark passenger, please alight
Walk away and combust!

Create space for a lightness of being
A creature of hope, innocence, joy
A step closer to opening up the soul to love
A way that cares, treasures, cherishes without restraint

Takes a chance, on a quirk of fate
Makes up for missed opportunities
And miscalculations in love

Farewell, dark passenger
Your days are numbered
Bow out gracefully
And please be on your way…


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