About Merril Diniz

An independent content development & strategy consultant based in New Delhi, I have over 13 years of stellar in media production and digital, including five years in focused experience in the higher education domain in India. I consult with publication houses, small and medium size companies, entrepreneurs and start-ups, which need content services ranging from website and social media content strategy and development, as well as editing, writing and research services. 

When not working, I love blogging, influencing people on social issues that matter, doing a spot of karaoke, and exploring life and its complexities.



11 thoughts on “About Merril Diniz

  1. Merrill,

    Have always loved your blogs and banter about cricket. I am Ved, and we are building a a Social network for Cricket called crickethuddle.com

    A sport, which I don’t need to tell you the importance about in the Indian ecosystem. We just have received funding from a VC firm here in the States.

    We are building a technology platform so as to give our users a place to Create, connect, collaborate and consume all their cricket.

    Would love to know if that would be of any interest for you to cover in your blog sometime? Send me an email at ved@crickethuddle.comand we could talk more.

    Founder Crickethuddle.com
    Email: ved@crickethuddle.com

  2. Hi I like your blog . You have seriously put in a lot of effort trying to get the names of the ones which do not test on animals. I think it would be useful if the list is shortened to companies which do not use parabens / SLS / SLES .

  3. Hi Merril
    I liked your blog. We are a startup company making 100% handmade & natural soaps. I wanted to know if you could review our products and share it on your blog or page.

  4. Dear Merril,

    I just read your blog on the top 50 brands that are cruelty free and made in india. Good read!

    We are selling beauty/skin care products under our brand name VEDA and all our products are cruelty free and 100% made in india.

    In addition, we have a few success stories about several entrepreneurs who have left their full-time job to start with their own business as distributors for VEDA in India. Would really appreciate if you could introduce our brand and support us in generating more jobs locally. Thanks in advance!

    Amit @Team VEDA

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